This is coolbert: Saw an interesting idea for tract housing the other day. They are called English row homes. Narrow single family homes, unattached, two story, on narrow small lots with only a few feet between adjacent homes. Two car garage unattached in back with alleyway. Each row home has a porch in front. Some fronts have porch on second level as well. Close to the street. Almost no yard work period. Designed with that in mind. Don't know what the layout is inside or what amenities are available or included. Basement? Not sure. Get more homes on the same area of land and provide single home housing at probably a cheaper cost. Smaller lots, less taxes, etc. Not a bad idea. Look cookie cutter like but not in a bad way. Each front has slight alterations so no two adjacent are alike. Affordable good housing at a price most people can bear. I need to find out more, such as interiors. Being built in Oswego? Get more and will post more later.